Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest

California's ONLY Celebration of Archtop Guitars and Great Jazz Players

It's The Ultimate Guitar Player Hang!!

February 28th - March 2nd at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott

A Weekend of Listening and Learning in the Beautiful Wine Country Town of Buellton, Featuring Classes, Artists, Concerts, Exhibitors, Jam Sessions, & more!

It Will Be A True Jazz Guitar Player's Dream Weekend!

2025 Performer/Teacher Lineup Will Be Announced Soon!

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Guitar College is beyond excited to bring you our 2nd annual Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest!

2025's Fest Will be BIGGER & BETTER!!

-Bigger Venue

-More Guitars

-More Gear

-More To Explore

-More FUN!!

Feb. 28th to March 2nd

Santa Ynez Valley Marriott

-Great Prices on Rooms

-Walk to Restaurants, Breweries

-Wineries & Shopping Nearby

-Shuttle Available From LAX or Santa Barbara Airports

The Hang Begins at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriot in

Check Out The Amazing Venue in Buellton!

You Must Use The Link Above to Get Our Special Group Rate

If you don't use our link room rates are much higher

What to Expect At The Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest


You will see nightly jazz concerts featuring a wide-variety of jazz genres from our list of guitar pros. They'll be featured in full band settings and are sure to included some intriguing collaborations and arrangements

Pro Clinics

You'll get truly inspired while attending a wide-ranging variety of workshops and seminars, featuring some of the best jazz guitar teachers in the world! Walk away with new techniques and insider secrets that will boost your creativity

Intimate Performances

The event will be loaded with not just concerts. There will also be entertaining up-close and personal performances in a beautiful, comfortable setting. Relax and have a drink while hearing solo guitarists and duos playing their best stuff.

Dedicated Student Jam Room

There will be a dedicated room to show off your skills and jam with other attendees and a rhythm section. Our dedicated jam room will be a supportive environment and just a cool place to hang out.

Guitars & Gear

Jazz guitar players are gearheads, which is why we are lining up some of the best companies to show off their most appealing gear for guitar junkies who are in a never-ending search to construct the perfect jazz tone.

A Thriving Community of

Jazz Guitar Players

Guitar College has built one of the strongest communities of jazz guitar players worldwide. You will walk away from the event with lasting memories with like-minded friends who all share an obsession with jazz guitar.

On-Site Luthier

We will have a trusted professional luthier at the event who will be able to do set-ups, adjustments, string changes, and so much more. Nate Largay is the luthier that Rich uses for intensive guitar repairs that he can't do himself. Nate offers fantastic prices and was working on guitars all weekend long at the last Fest.

Great Food, Wine, & Hospitality

Nestled in the rustic town of Buellton, just a few miles from Solvang, the venue provides a tranquil getaway in a picturesque setting. It offers several options for fresh, wine country-inspired dining and drinks with casual environments.

You Must Use The Link Above to Get Our Special Group Rate

If you don't use our link room rates are much higher

Next Year's Performer/Teacher Lineup Will Be Announced Soon!

Check Out The Teachers/Performers From Our Last Event in March of 2024

Rich Severson, owner of Guitar College, is known for teaching students worldwide and captivating audiences with his impeccable, smooth technique. His soulful expression and deep understanding of the jazz tradition make him a standout in the world of jazz guitar.

Rich has been assembling workshops with amazingly talented players and educators for decades, and for the first time, he's doing on California's gorgeous Central Coast!

Rich Severson

Bruce Forman

David Becker

Thom Rotella

Tim Lerch

Pat Kelley

Adam Levine

Nate Lopez

Brad Rabuchin

Jim Fox

Sean McGowan

You Must Use The Link Above to Get Our Special Group Rate

If you don't use our link room rates are much higher

Check Out Concert Performances From Our Last Fest!

Read More About The Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest

At the Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest, the magic of jazz comes alive in picturesque settings in some of the most beautiful areas of California. This annual festival is a dream weekend for jazz guitar enthusiasts of all levels. Founded by the esteemed jazz guitarist and educator, Rich Severson, along with his wife Gail and son Wes, the Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest is a celebration of all things jazz guitar.

Rich's passion for jazz and his dedication to fostering a vibrant jazz community are at the heart of this event. Through his 50+ years of playing and teaching, his online instructional resources, and his influential YouTube channel (34,000+ subscribers, Rich has cultivated a unique network of jazz players, creating a thriving community of enthusiasts who share insights on their favorite jazz tunes, discuss the nuances of jazz archtops, and explore the gear that can craft the perfect jazz tone. The festival is an extension of this community, a place where jazz lovers can connect, share, learn, and have fun!

We assemble a stellar lineup of jazz guitarists and teachers for our central coast jazz guitar fest, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of jazz. Our events include concerts, intimate performances, workshops, clinics, jam sessions, great jazz guitar brands, and gear exhibits, ensuring that there's something for everyone, from novice players to seasoned professionals. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, discover new techniques, or simply revel in the captivating sounds of jazz guitar, our festival has it all. In addition to the fantastic music, we curate an exhibit space featuring some of the industry's leading jazz guitar-related companies. Explore the latest innovations and discover the equipment that can help you achieve your unique sound.

The Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest is more than just a festival; it's an immersive experience that will nourish your soul and ignite your passion for jazz guitar. It's a chance for like-minded jazz enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and forge lasting connections and friendships. Join us for a weekend of unparalleled jazz guitar music, inspiration, and camaraderie, and let the Central Coast Jazz Guitar Fest be your dream jazz guitar getaway. It's the Ultimate jazz Guitar Player hang!

You Must Use The Link Above to Get Our Special Group Rate

If you don't use our link room rates are much higher

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Event Location:

Santa Ynez Valley Marriott

555 McMurray Rd, Buellton, CA 93427

Phone: (805) 688-1000

Date: February 28th to March 2nd, 2025

555 McMurray Rd, Buellton, CA 93427, USA

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